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Welcome to the Vista High school Class of 1970 website. The purpose of this site is to provide a central location for all our classmates to stay part of the community which was such an important part of our lives. In these pages are infomation about upcoming events, current classmates activity, and compilations of memories through picutres and a variety of communications. In the coming weeks, we hope to provide a means of easy communication for all classmates who care to participate, so please check back regularly for updates.

Curious about your old friends, what they've been doing and what they're up to these days? Check it out...

Wow! What a party it was!

We have a tentative date for the 45th: July 11, 2015. Put it on your calendar.

Thanks to Scott Herman for creating a series of videos from the party. To see them, go to:



Maybe you can help! We're still hunting for classmates. Here's a pdf file with a list of those we haven't been able to find. Have a look to see if you know where any of them are or how we could find them. If so, send a message to with some details.

Many of our classmates have passed. Take a moment to remember them here...

Catch up with the latest in Scott Herman's newsletter....




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